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Welcome to Mungadel Bergamascos, the home of the first two Bergamascos in Australia After extensive research about the breed we decided to acquire one of the dogs only to find that there where none in the Southern Hemisphere. We contacted Maria Andreoli, the woman who made it her life’s work to save the Bergamsco from becoming extinct; because of her passion for the breed we decided to import one. A female pup was available in Sweden, from Hans and Anita Lindquist of the Tempeludden Kennel, and so we began the lengthy process of bringing her to Australia. Cremona Albera joined us in January 2004 after a lengthy plain journey and 28 days in quarantine. She is a beautiful example of a Bergamasco, alert, intelligent, loyal and patient. Less then 3 years later Guiseppe joined us. He is also from Hans and Anita however from a totally different parentage. Alfie a girl from the first litter has joined our family. Located in the Snowy Mountains on a lovely property, the dogs love the freedom and the interaction with other animals.  
Cremona in the snow in Sweden Guiseppe in Sweden Alfie About Us